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July 26, 2013
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Halite - Open species by Mousu Halite - Open species by Mousu
edit -- ** You can download the base here **


These dog like thing has rock salt horns and has the ability to keep a bubble of water on their body.

The bubble on the body can be moved around and be placed anywhere. When it rains, their bubble retains all the water that hits it and forms a large barrier around their body.

If they are keeping salt water fishes in their bubble they move the bubble to their horn to keep the salinity stable for their little friends.

Halites are raised and used to be containers for fish that needs to be delivered to other countries. With their water bubbles on their body they can keep the fish alive and fresh for the buyer. Any wild Halite tend to keep fish and other animals in their bubble as friends.

When Halites are born they do not have a full grasp on their water magic ability so they only have few drops of water attached to their body that are similar to raindrops. Once they lived their life and reaching their end their magic starts to dissipate and the water bubble lose their forms. Usually few moments before death Halite will go near a body of water similar to their bubble since their bubble will pop once they die.

Their waterproof fur comes in many different color and pattern but their horns are usually pastel colors. The water on their body can come in different color based on water condition.

Halite are usually found on the coastlines where they are raised to be used as movers. With their constant water on their body they can withstand the heat. They need to avoid the cold since the water can be frozen and hinder their movement and may kill their friends.

To be kind to their fish friends in their bubble they only eat fruit and veggies.

◘ They have small paws with longs fluffy fur on their arms and legs. The length and style of fur can be changed.
◘ They can have different length/style of tail. No tail, short like a bunny, or tails longer than their body. Anything goes.
◘ They have medium dogs and short muzzles
◘ Many times non-aquatic animals likes to be in Halites bubble.
◘ Sometimes small aquatic plants grows within the bubbles. Things like duckweed and java moss.

• You are allowed to sell any adopts of this species for points/cash.
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ImTheDoctorWhovian Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ohmigawsh I have a mighty need!
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OMG i need to make one these are so precious ;;
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Madylyne Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Student Photographer
these are soooo cute!!!! what kind of color pallets or combinations and patterns are common 
Mousu Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
thank you :D
Just being a neutral color like normal dog coloring/marking is common. While blue water is the common too. 
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